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Fun with macros.

In my previous article, I introduced the things that I’d love to know when I first start using VIM as my to-go editor inside my IDE and, now I want to introduce you to the macros world.

A macro is a recording that allows you to repeat a sequence of commands to automate some actions, a way of refactoring some part of your code (or text).

A recorded macro is saved into a register that could go from letter a to z, to do so you hit q<letter> then input a series of commands and press q again to end…

And start using your keyboard!

There is a long story, but I care for your time and will go for the short one: I’ve got wrist pain due to bad mouse habits and a night in February a guy named Jacopo Romei (re)introduced me to VIM.

Now, It’s not like I’ve abandoned a fancy modern IDE in favour of VIM, and to be honest, maybe VIM it’s not even mandatory to use a modern IDE without a mouse, if you, like me, are using an Intellij product then you can learn a lot with the following talk of Hadi Hariri

But you can do…

Pietro Scarampella

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